Arizona Community Robotics, Team 1492

Better known as Team Caution, we started in 2004 when an Arizona high school decided to discontinue its robotics team. Two students and a handful of mentors wanted to continue, and Microchip graciously stepped in and offered them a workspace in one of its warehouses to build their robot.


Because we are a community team, we are able to reach out to students who would otherwise be unable to compete in the FIRST Robotics competition. This puts Team Caution in the unique position to be able to grow Arizona's FIRST FRC programs in ways that typical school based teams cannot. We don't have a school, paid teachers, or our own build workshop; so we are very grateful to the awesome people at Microchip who continue to allow Team Caution to build in one of their warehouses. We are one of the smallest FIRST Robotics Competition teams in Arizona; but we are able to accomplish a lot with the help of our incredible mentors, volunteers, and sponsors.

Team Caution welcomes homeschoolers as well as students whose schools don't offer robotics. For these students, there is no other way to join an FRC team except through Team Caution. Our team can grow only by word of mouth. Students find out about us through friends, by attending our pre-season workshops, or from our numerous appearances at events all over Arizona.