Microchip Masters

Hello World!

Welcome to the blog of the Arizona Community Robotics Team (1492)! Or Team Caution for short. We hope to post information about upcoming events. Build season updates. Off season activities. Highlights for sponsors and spot lights our awesome mentors!

To kick things off our first post is about our sponsor Microchip and their private event Microchip Masters, which took place the evening of August 20th at the beautiful JW Marriott Resort. Our team was invited to attend an evening demonstration with several other local teams. We brought our robot from the 2013 FRC season, which was designed to throw frisbees. A little while after the event started, we got our 2013 robot up and ready to fire! (Away from the attendees.)

The resort was kind enough to lend all the FRC teams in attendance 1 inch thick foam pads to drive and maneuver the robots on. The floor pads we were lent were similar to those you leave toddlers on. They were also kind enough to let us use the extra foam pads to engineer targets for our bot to shoot into! (Pun intended.) After 20 or 30 minutes of firing our frisbees, some of the students from other teams started to throw frisbees into the targets as well. (Still being cautious of the other attendees.) The combination of human and motor power made the night a lively and swell occasion for FRC teams and Microchip Masters attendees alike.

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